One of the numerous advantages of Yoga hand mudras is weight reduction. Mudras are by and by since the start of Hindu and Buddhist conventions and they’re utilized in treating different mental and physical medical problems. 

Hand mudras are in all respects regularly observed in different Hindu divinity statues, particularly Varada mudra and Gyan mudra. 

The word ‘mudra’ is a sanskrit word that is alluded to as seal. The yoga mudras help seal or confirm a thought or expectation. At the point when the hand and fingers are situated together in a pre-characterized way, it produces some type of vitality (prana power), which aides in mending of a few sicknesses including overweight issues. 

Medical advantages of Hand Mudras 

Since, five components are related with our five fingers, rehearsing yoga mudras or hand motions normally can yield a few medical advantages. 

In the event that you’ve perused the Yogic way of thinking, it is apparent that particular interior organs have been doled out to every one of the fingers and when you hold the fingers in a particular way, it will actuate the comparing inside organ, along these lines restoring the related issues, which incorporate decreasing muscle to fat ratio, normalizing circulatory strain, relieving psychological maladjustment and notwithstanding improving your heart wellbeing. 

The Elements at Your Fingertips 

Thumb finger – Agni (fire) 

Pointer – Vayu (air) 

Center finger – Aakasha (sky) 

Ring finger – Prithvi (earth) 

Little finger – Jala (water) 

Here is a rundown of the best yoga mudras to get more fit. The beneficial thing about hand mudras is that they don’t have any symptoms and can be tracked with other weight reduction abstains from food/projects, for example, the GM diet. 

Yoga mudra for weight loss 

There are five distinct kinds of yoga mudras that help in shedding pounds by enacting the relating organs in the body. 

#1.Surya Mudra for Weight Loss 

Surya mudra builds the agni (fire) component and simultaneously decline prithvi (earth) component inside the body and subsequently it is additionally called by another name ‘Agni-Vardhak mudra’. 

As per ayurveda, acid reflux is the real reason for stoutness, overweight and abundance muscle versus fat. Since, the flame component helps in improving the stomach related power, it is along these lines accepted that Surya mudra could help treat stoutness issue normally. 

How to Perform Surya Mudra? 

Spot the tip of your ring finger on the base of the thumb and apply delicate weight on the ring finger with your thumb. 

When you put your ring finger (earth component) under the thumb finger (fire component), it diminishes the earth component (relates to fat) and the flame component is expanded (improves assimilation). Along these lines, you’re getting twofold advantages utilizing a solitary hand mudra. 

P.S: Excess of earth component (prithvi) prompts abundance fat gathering and overweight issues. Rehearsing Surya mudra routinely can help decline the earth component in your body. 

#2.Linga Mudra to Lose Weight 

The sanskrit term for Linga is ‘phallus’ (male genital organ). As it strengthens the Agni and pitta humor, the mudra expands in essence heat, along these lines helps in weight reduction. 

How to Perform Linga Mudra? 

Interlock both the palms yet keep the left thumb raised outwards and upwards to shape the phallus. 

Since the thumb finger speaks to fire component, rehearsing this mudra consistently will expand the agni in your body and accordingly improves your stomach related power. 

Legitimate processing averts the development of poisons like ‘Ama’ and subsequently your body consumes put away fat consequently. 

#3.Kapha-Nashak Mudra for Weight Loss 

Pitta-Kaarak or Kapha Nashak mudra is a blend of flame and water components i.e., agni and jal. Henceforth, it gives you twofold benefits – fire improves absorption and earth decreases the muscle to fat ratio. 

How to do Pitta-Kaarak or Kapha-Nashak Mudra? 

Spot the ring and little fingers on the base of your thumb finger and apply delicate weight on these fingers. 

This yoga mudra helps in diminishing the kapha humor and simultaneously builds the pitta humor inside the body. 

P.S: If you’ve abundance pitta (heat) in your body, it is encouraged to rehearse this mudra with some restraint, if extremely vital. 


#4.Vaayan Mudra for Weight Loss 

The Vaayan mudra expands the vata humor, because of which it is additionally called as ‘Vata-Kaarak mudra’. 

It helps in controlling sensory system and a few other real developments, A couple of well known medical advantages of Vaayan mudra include: 

Decreases bloatedness 

Control free movements 

Improve sensory system 

Beat apathy, dormancy, sleepiness, unnecessary perspiring, thirst and over the top rest 

Tackles visit pee issues 

Controls inordinate menstrual dying 

Treats oily skin and hair issues 

How to Practice Vaayan Mudra? 

Simply place the tips of your record (air) and center finger (sky) on the tip of your thumb finger (fire) and apply delicate weight. 

This specific hand mudra helps in fat misfortune as well as fixes different medical problems referenced previously. 

#5.Gyan Mudra to Reduce Stress 

Gyan mudra may not legitimately help in weight reduction but rather can help in diminishing mental pressure that is connected to gorging. Along these lines, it is exceptionally encouraged to rehearse this hand mudra to loosen up your body and maintain a strategic distance from unpleasant way of life. 

How to Perform Gyan Mudra Correctly? 

It is generally performed alongside contemplation or yoga asanas. 

Sit in either Sukhasana (simple posture), Vajrasana (jewel posture) or Padmasana (lotus present) as indicated by your very own solace. 

Ensure that you keep your back straight, while the chest and head are held up high. 

Rest both your hands on their separate knees with your palms confronting upwards. 

Contact the tip of your thumb and forefinger, while the remainder of the fingers are kept straight and parallel to one another. 

Apply delicate weight on both the file and thumb finger to create the vitality that aides in loosening up your body and lessening the pressure. 

You can even recite the mantra ‘aum’ alongside breathe in and breathe out. 

The Gyan mudra isn’t intended for those who’re hoping to shed pounds yet in addition for the individuals who needed to improve their fixation levels and lead a quiet way of life. 

All these Yoga hand mudras for weight reduction are demonstrated to be extremely proficient and are recommended by Ayurvedic specialists to those who’re enduring with corpulence or overweight issues.