Fortnite servers are now live for season 9, and that means players can hop in and check out the new battle pass, which features a brand new tier 100 skin. The theme of season 9 is very clear this time around, in short, “the future,” and the tier 100 skin is no exception.

It’s called “Vendetta,” and it’s the skin that was the very first teaser from Fortnite Season 9 we saw a few days ago. At the time it looked like some sort of Japanese samurai robot, but rather there’s actually a guy underneath that mask.

The skin starts out as a normal guy in a hoodie, but as you earn XP, you will keep earning armor pieces as you go. Here are all the different stages of the skin you can unlock through gameplay:

Stage 1 – Base level

Stage 2 – 20,000 XP

Stage 3 – 75,000 XP

Stage 4 – 150,000 XP

Stage 5 – 250,000 XP

Once you get to the max level, you can keep unlocking a bunch of different color variations for the skin by completing non-XP based challenges. For the different color palates it’s:

  • Orange – Complete 45 weekly challenges
  • Red – Complete 65 weekly challenges
  • Blue – Outlast 1,000 opponents
  • Black – Outlast 10,000 opponents
  • Green – Get 80 Fortbytes (new season 9 thing)
  • White – Get 85 Fortbytes

All in all there are 11 different ways you can wear this skin through all the upgrade and color change challenges. We’re not really seeing anything all that different here from past season skin evolution.

I am…not the biggest fan of this tier 100 skin to be honest. It’s…fine, but when I saw it in the teaser, I didn’t think it was going to be the tier 100, as it looked like one you’d find in the middle instead. Maybe it will grow on me over time, but we’ll see.

I’m curious whether or not the Vendetta skin has a role in the story. In season 7, obviously the Ice King had a huge role to play. In season 8, Luxe barely ever showed up at all and pretty much did nothing. Vendetta seems like another villain character so we’ll have to see if he has anything significant to do in this new, futuristic era of Fortnite. Is he a supreme ruler of Neo Tilted? A futuristic assassin? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Epic expands on his “story” to any degree.

Tier 100 is a long ways off unless you’re the type of person who buys their way to the top instantly with each new season. That’s not me, so I’ll begin my trek today. See you out there.