A new sexual health service is being launched in the county.

Herefordshire Council has commissioned Solutions 4 Health as its new provider.

The national organisation, which describes itself as an “innovative, forward-thinking healthcare provider with expertise in three divisions; healthcare, information systems and innovations and AI,” is set to commence service on April 1.

The integrated sexual health service will be a non-judgemental source of education, prevention, testing and treatment for Herefordshire, with a focus on innovative digital solutions.

It aims to give local people information and support them to make better lifestyle choices and take control of their sexual health.

It is hoped the new service will improve access to sexual health services to those at greatest risk, with an increase in availability over a five-day week.

David Ritchie, Head of Sexual Health Services at Solutions 4 Health said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract as it provides yet another opportunity to demonstrate our successful approach to improving healthcare across the country, by delivering high quality sexual health services for the people of Herefordshire.

Karen Wright, Director of Public Health for Herefordshire added: “Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as emotional and social wellbeing.

“When we are sexually healthy, we make the best decisions for ourselves with regard to our sexual partners and sexual practice.

“The council welcomes this new, innovative service to improve access and enable people to have better control over their sexual health and wellbeing.”