Skin Care: How to take care of combination skin

Usually, people have oily skin or dry skin. But a few of them also have a combination of both oily and dry skin. And in such cases, most of the time you will notice oil on your forehead, nose and chin area. While the other parts of your face will be normal or dry. However, it differs from person to person. And if you want to know whether or not you have combination skin, then place a tissue on your face, and if the tissue has an oily area on the forehead, nose and chin, then you have Combination skin.

If you derive that you have combination skin, then here’s how you should take care of combination skin type.

Avoid using soap:

If you have combination skin, then you should avoid using soap. Soaps dry up your skin and can also cause irritations which further aggravate your skin problems. Opt for a gentle cleanser which suits your skin type.

Use a toner:

Toner helps your combination skin type by striking a perfect balance. It balances your skin by removing dirt and helps in shrinking open pores.

Moisturise your skin:

Use a moisturiser that nourishes the dry areas and mattifies the oily areas on your face. A gel-based moisturizer is ideal in this case, since it’s not too creamy and not too watery.

Apply sunscreen:

Sunscreen is very essential for every skin type. It acts as a shield for your skin when you go out. Buy sunscreen as per your skin type and read the ingredients carefully before purchasing a sunscreen.

Use a cleanser:

Your face will be oily in some areas, while it will be dry in some, hence it’s imperative to use a cleanser on your skin. A gentle cleanser will help you remove all the makeup from your skin and will also let your skin breathe while you take a good night skin.


Exfoliation is required to get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells. Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and polishes your skin. Exfoliation opens up the pores and your skin starts breathing.

Use a night cream:

Night cream will repair and moisturise your skin, giving it a glow in the morning as your skin absorbs all the vitamins from the cream.