Skincare Tips: THESE skin care tips can help new moms keep their skin glowing

While we all talk about the pregnancy glow that women have on their face, no one really talks about what happens after. While a pregnant woman has a special pregnancy glow on their faces, new moms have total exhaustion on their faces and that pregnancy glow simply disappears behind all of this. Pregnancy is the time when women take a lot of care and eat well and indulge themselves but right after their baby is born, everything goes for a toss because a new mom is too focused to caring for her child. After having their babies, women spend all their time taking care of their child and feeding their child and this is when your skincare takes a backseat. It’s a miracle if a new mom gets enough time to just sleep and get some rest, skincare is the last thing on her mind. This means that their daily skincare routine goes for a toss but no matter how tough it may get, there’s always a way.

Here are some easy and quick skin care tips for new moms to care for the skin after the baby comes along:

1. Your skin can get dull post your pregnancy and it’s important that you first stop stressing and let your family and friends help you and share some responsibility. Reducing stress will help your skin a lot.

2. Don’t ignore your diet. You cannot ignore your own body because of your baby. Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated and it will show up on your skin. Don’t skip meals.

3. Follow a basic cleansing, toning and moisturising skincare routine. Take our a few minutes from your crazy busy schedule to cleanse your face and use a good hydrating toner and then moisturise your skin with a good cream and massage your face a little while you’re at it.

4. Don’t miss out on exfoliating your skin. Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin and bring back the lost glow. You can also start using a good exfoliating body scrub to keep the blood flowing and relax your mind and body as well as your skin.