All things considered losing 30 hair day by day is ordinary. 

Most importantly let break down how balayam functions 

How balayam helps hair development 

Balayam is a nail scouring activity and it is an association of two Hindi words Bal and Vyayam where Bal implies Hairs and Vyayam shows Exercise. In straightforward language ‘Balayam’ signifies an EXERCISE for hairs. 

To be increasingly explicit, Balayam Yoga is an Acupressure treatment where an individual rubs his/her fingernails of two hands against one another to animate scalp’s exercises. 

This incitement whenever done accurately, every now and again and for a more drawn out timeframe is known to help characteristic hair development and fix Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia saw in certain people. 

The right method to do balayam is clarified underneath in straightforward language 

Since foundations of hair follicles on scalp are associated with fingernails, this weight creation will help in siphoning expected nourishment to the scalp and advance hair development. 

On the off chance that you rub surfaces of just the two thumbnails against one another, you can see quicker development of mustache and facial hair. (so ladies ought to maintain a strategic distance from it) 

On the off chance that you rub nail tips of one hand with surface of other hand’s nails, hair in ears will develop. 

Along these lines, it is essential to rub without making rubbing nail finishes and keep away from thumbs. 

Different approaches to regrow hair 

Onion juice demonstrates valuable on the off chance that we need to regrow lost hair , absence of sulfur which is bulding square of hair protein taht is keratin ,onion has abudance of sufur and 1–2 hours of use of onion squeeze thrice seven days have capacity to regrow hair 

Oiling – yes fundamental advance of hair development basic supplements and boosting blood flow on scalp knead by hair oil before resting during the evening , take steam for 5–10 minutes and leave it medium-term this oil treatment done at any rate 3 times each week will be most ideal approach to regrow hair on diminishing hair head 

Diet ought to be prime worry in the event of boosting hair follicles to develop so it should comprises of hair superfoods that supply proteins omega 6,9, iron ,calcium magnesium ,zinc ,selenium ,nutrient e,c,k in abudance Try not to take pressure and recollect So do balayam

Good karma !!