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Actor Sonnalli Seygall considers almonds and walnuts soaked in water overnight and a sip of coconut oil very healthy.

Actors are often role models for fans when it comes to looking good and keeping fit. Here’s a tete-a-tete with actor Sonnalli Seygall of Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame about her routine- fitness, food and more.

Which is the one breakfast food that you must have?

Almonds and walnuts soaked in water overnight and a sip of coconut oil. I consider it very healthy.

One fattening food item that you just can’t resist?

I eat a lot of fattening food, like good fat, like ghee, coconut oil and avocados. I would say that an unhealthy food item that I cannot resist will be cupcakes and cheesecakes.

How do you get back in shape post a fattening indulgence?

I just work out a little bit extra and I go back to eating healthy. So, if believe if 90% of the time you are eating healthy, you can cheat the remaining 10% of the time. That’s how I balance it. Even when I do cheat, I make sure I have a cup of hot water or green tea half an hour after eating.

Do you prefer mini meals? What do they normally contain?

Yes, I do prefer mini to mid-sized meals. I have migraine issues. So, I prefer frequent meals and I think all of us should listen to our bodies and see what works for us. If you are hungry you should not deprive your body of food. Mostly my meals contain a rice item — either dosas, pohas or parathas made of rice flour. If I’m having light meals especially before my workouts, then it’s usually sweet potatoes and peanut butter or almond butter. My lunch is mostly same, lots of rice with ghee, fish and vegetables or salad.

A diet plan that always works for you?

A diet plan that always works for me is a ‘no processed preservative foods diet’. I completely stay off processed foods. What works wonderfully for my body and mind is that I’m not depriving myself of anything.

Do you work out at home?

I only work out at home when I am travelling or when I don’t feel like going to the gym. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises and yoga.

Do you prefer outdoor or indoor physical activity? 

I prefer outdoor activities any day but given the circumstances, sadly as there’s so much of pollution, these days the outdoor conditions are not always ideal. Once in a while, I do go for a jog in the morning.

Which are your favourite physical activities?

My favourite physical activity is hands down, yoga, which all of my close ones know too. It’s like the best drug for you.

A health tip that you rely on.

I’m a big foodie. So, I will never tell anyone to deprive themselves from eating something that they like so I think one should eat whatever they want. You must cut down on sugar.